Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why that blog title?

Because I think of myself as subversive. I have grown old in subversion. Began at 15 when Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in the Philippines. Overnight the legal student organization I was a member of became an illegal, one. What the heck, if he wanted it that way, he could have it that way. I joined the anti-dictatorship underground. He called us, for his entire dictatorship, subversives.

Fast forward: like many an activist who has joined the academe, I have an interest in development theory and practice.

So why pleasure? Because I have noticed a lack of regard for pleasures and happiness in the theory and practice of subversion and development. Aha, there's another nexus, methinks subversion is development is subversion is..

Just a thought: Am I revealing my age by that term, "subversive?" What is the term, post-cold war? Terrorist?Maybe. But then I am a pacifist: terrorist pacifist? Pacifist terrorist?

See? Better to remain the subversive who is interested in increasing human pleasure and happiness.


Nathalie said...

Yehey, Guy Claudio has a blog! This is going to be really good, as well as cathartic (of collective angst). Looking forward to your entries - I've bookmarked your site already. ;->

Sylvia Estrada Claudio said...

Thanks Natsy! At the very least this blogging is adding to my pleasure. Now let's see if it helps the subverion.

Carolina S. Ruiz Austria said...

and pleasure IS often subversive in many ways...yes, a great blog name.